“To be able to resist we must become forest – and resist as forest. Like a forest that knows that it carries the ruins, that carries with it both what is and what is no longer. It seems to me that it is this political-affective feeling that we need to shape to make sense of our action.” Eliane Brum, Rainforest Journalism Fund meeting, Manaus, Brazil (12/7/2019). A Amazônia é o centro do mundo

With the Amazon converted into the central battlefield of the planetary struggles, what institutional and affective communities could constitute as forms of opposition to the new extractive regimes? How to readapt the politics of friendship in the face of the violence of these regimes? How can Norwegian fonds be re-articulated as a response to Bolsonaro? How can the same European countries further decolonize its politics? How can art, radical cartographies, and the tech become fundamental tools in the making of multiple alliances for the Planet?

Foto aérea da Amazônia em 13 de outubro de 2014.RAPHAEL ALVES (AFP)