Projetos Especiais em Urbanismo (y1)

Universidad UFPB Departamento DAU Professor Pablo DeSoto Prof colaboradores Leticia Palazzi, Andrea Porto, Andre Chein Alonso Créditos/carga horária 3Cr/45h Semestre 2019.1 Datas segundo semestre Horario 13 a 16 h Local DAU Ementa 1. EMENTA Projetos especiais em urbanismo. 2. OBJETIVO GERAL Trazer a literatura cientifica e a práxis da cartografia critica ou radical. Construir um […]

Mapeando o Comum Urbano

Universidade UFPB Departamento PPGAU Código SPPGAU5002 – TÓPICOS ESPECIAIS – T01 e SPPGAU5002 – TÓPICOS ESPECIAIS – T02 Professores Dr Pablo DeSoto & Dra Leticia Palazzi + Dra Andrea Porto & Dr Paulo Rossi (colaboradores) Créditos/carga horária 4Cr/60h Semestre 2019.2 Datas 21 a 26 de Outubro Horario 16 a 22 h Local Espaço Cultural Online […]

Critical Inquiries to the Anthropocene

The course Critical Inquiries to the Anthropocene took place at Centro de Pesquisa e Formação SESC São Paulo, from 27th to 29th March 2018 (3h per day). It was conceptualized by Pablo DeSoto and produced by Daniel González Xavier. The course proposed a critical approach to the Anthropocene, with theoretical debates and methodological proposals in […]

Resist as Forest

“To be able to resist we must become forest – and resist as forest. Like a forest that knows that it carries the ruins, that carries with it both what is and what is no longer. It seems to me that it is this political-affective feeling that we need to shape to make sense of […]

The River as Commongood, the River as Classroom

Planet Earth, South America, Brazil, Paraíba, João Pessoa. Floating class on João Pessoa’s endangered commons held on the Sanhauá & Paraíba rivers on July 28, 2019, in collaboration with Andréa Porto-Sales, geographer, and André Chein Alonso, a biologist. The classroom is understood as the place where the construction of global/local challenge resolutions is possible. And […]

Projetos Especiais em Urbanismo (y2)

Universidad UFPB Departamento DAU Professor Pablo DeSoto Prof colaboradores Leticia Palazzi, Andrea Porto, Paulo Rossi Créditos/carga horária 3Cr/45h Semestre 2019.2 Datas 21 a 26 Outubro Horario 16 a 22 h Local Espaço cultural Ementa PDF INTRODUÇÃO É sabido como os mapas e a arte da cartografia, mais que representar uma realidade dada, são umas das […]

Projeto de Edificaçoes III

Universidad UFPB Departamento DAU Professor Dr. Pablo DeSoto Créditos/carga horária 6Cr/90h Semestre 2018.2 Datas e Outubro Horario 18 a 22 h Local Sala Ementa PDF 1. EMENTA Projeto de Edificações em áreas de interesse histórico. Conservação e renovação arquitetônica. Aspectos relativos à percepção dos conjuntos arquitetônicos em áreas de interesse histórico-cultural. 2. OBJETIVO GERAL Desenvolver […]

Do Sputnik ao Stack

Universidade UFPB Programa PPGAU Código … Professor Dr Pablo DeSoto Créditos/carga horária 1Cr/15h Semestre 2018.2 Datas 19, 20, 21 y 22 de Novembro Horario 8 a 12 h Local Ementa Do Sputnik ao Stack: Arquitetura na Época da Computação a Escala Planetaria O curso propõe um estudo crítico das relações do humano com seu espaço […]

Tentacular Lexicon

With a meteoric rise in recent years as one of the academic terms that define our contemporaneity, the Anthropocene is today a mega-concept whose hegemony is difficult to escape. The Holocene was left behind, current geological epoch is defined by the effects of human activity from the bedrock to the limits of the stratosphere. Overwhelming […]

Drone Hackademy

Drone Hackademy is a temporary hacktivist school, citizen science laboratory and critical theory platform for the use and discussion of unmanned aerial vehicles as a social technology. It is a collaboration between computer engineer & artist Lot Amorós and architect & researcher Pablo De Soto. It took place in June 2015 in Rio de Janeiro with ten participants aged between 19 and 49

The participants are chosen through a public call with the objective of bringing together people of different backgrounds and knowledge fields: filmmakers, mediactivists, artists, architects, researchers, geographers, biologists, hackers, software developers, etc. We practise positive discrimination welcoming people from low income classes, limited access to technology and also those how represent activist groups. #Dronehackademy aims to create a community of learning, “situated knowledge” exchanges and action.

Redes, Jogos, Mapas

Universidad UFPB Departamento DAU Professor Dr. Pablo DeSoto Créditos/carga horária 4Cr/60h Semestre 2019.1 Datas xxx Horario 13 a 14 h Local ATH6 Ementa PDF 

 Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – Escola de Comunicação Curso de graduação e extensão (aberto a participantes de fora da UFRJ) Data: 4 de setembro a 27 de novembro. […]

Metropolitan Videocartography Medellín

Taller de videocartografía metropolitana, Medellín “Los suburbios de las ciudades del tercer mundo son el nuevo escenario geopolítico decisivo” Mike Davis (Planet of Slums) “Sea arte, sea deporte, sea de la manera que sea, queremos seguir arrebatando jóvenes a la violencia. Medellín no está lleno de sicarios, esto está lleno de talento urbano.” Falco (artista […]

Citizen Cartography International Symposium

El I Encuentro Internacional de Cartografía Ciudadana tuvo lugar en el Paraninfo de la Ciudad de la Cultura y en LABoral Centro de Arte de Gijón entre el 30 de julio y el 1 de agosto de 2009. El encuentro reunió por primera vez bajo esa temática a un amplio grupo de investigadores y activistas de diferentes ámbitos: arquitectura, periodismo, […]

Gaza cartography

Este trabajo recoge un catálogo de mapas, software y vídeos coordinados de forma narrativa usando tecnologías avanzadas de descripción del espacio (GIS, Software, Modelado 3D) mostrando aspectos que no serían evidentes en una primera lectura. Pueden ser extrapolados a territorios y contextos de paz sujetos a tensiones y transformaciones en que la arquitectura y el […]


WikiPlaza was an experimental, long-term project that brought together several collectives of architects, hackers and activists. The idea sprung up of generating a hybrid public space in which to experiment with information and communication technologies as tools for individual and communal emancipation, based on free software and hardware, web 2.0 tools and an open and […]

Technological Observatory of the Straits

Many meetings and workshops organised led to a process of discussion and experimentation that eventually produced the idea of the Technological Observatory of the Straits. Some of the main issues that intersect with the transformations now in process, as discussed above, are beginning to overlap and cross each other, and so common hypotheses are being […]

Critical Cartography of the Straits of Gibraltar

Hackitectura’s map Cartografía Crítica del Estrecho (Cartography of the Straits of Gibraltar) creates an alternative understanding of the Spanish-Moroccan border region. The border is not an abstract geopolitical line but an increasingly complicated, contested space. The inversely oriented (north at the bottom) map highlights connections between southern Spain and northern Morocco to show a single […]

Fadaiat: freedom of movement, freedom of knowledge

The straits of gibraltar is a mirror-territory of the transformations taking place in the world today: globalisation, migrations, borders, citizenship, network-society, communication, technologies… the border is a crossed-place, an extensive territory of life and mobile confinements where multiple social practices put pressure on established limits. new spaces and relationships emerge from and through the border […]

Seville Global Map

In Seville, on the eve of a large EU summit and concomitant protests in 2002, a collaborative mapping project was carried out with different community organizations to try to represent different effects of globalization on the city. The project drew on Zapatista frameworks of understanding, particularly those from the communiqués on “Seven Loose Pieces of […]