Projeto de Edificaçoes III

Universidade UFPB DAU Créditos/carga horária 6Cr/90h Semestre 2018.2 Datas/Horario Outubro/18 a 22 h Local Sala Ementa PDF 1. EMENTA Projeto de Edificações em áreas de interesse histórico. Conservação e renovação arquitetônica. Aspectos relativos à percepção dos conjuntos arquitetônicos em áreas de interesse histórico-cultural. 2. OBJETIVO GERAL Desenvolver anteprojeto arquitetónico de valor histórico-patrimonial e carater de […]

Do Sputnik ao Stack

Universidade UFPB PPGAU Créditos/carga horária 1Cr/15h Semestre 2018.2 Datas/Horario 19, 20, 21 y 22 de Novembro/8 a 12 h Local Sala Multimedia. EMENTA O curso Do Sputnik ao Stack: Arquitetura na Época da Computação a Escala Planetaria propõe um estudo crítico das relações do humano com seu espaço analógico e digital, através da história da […]

Situation Room

The term Situation Room is normally used to designate a secret place used in times of crisis to assess and monitor data for decision making purposes. Its origins can be traced back to World War II with the invention of computers, digitalization, and the collaboration of architects and the military. These rooms are equipped with […]

A second life for European Union’s pavillion

Water 4 Bits, a Second Life for Expo92 Europe Pavillion, was a synchronize (and visitable) installation in both physical and digital space that explored dreams, nightmares and the realities of post-modern technology at the heart of Seville’s Technology Park. The physical space was the European Pavilion at the Cartuja Technology Park, Seville. The park is […]

Technological Observatory of the Straits

Many meetings and workshops organised led to a process of discussion and experimentation that eventually produced the idea of the Technological Observatory of the Straits. Some of the main issues that intersect with the transformations now in process, as discussed above, are beginning to overlap and cross each other, and so common hypotheses are being […]

Fadaiat: freedom of movement, freedom of knowledge

The straits of gibraltar is a mirror-territory of the transformations taking place in the world today: globalisation, migrations, borders, citizenship, network-society, communication, technologies… the border is a crossed-place, an extensive territory of life and mobile confinements where multiple social practices put pressure on established limits. new spaces and relationships emerge from and through the border […]

The connected multitude

The Connected Multitude was a prototype for a networked public space, produced for a network of activists, artists and technicians. Using technologies such as a bi-directional satellite connection, wifi (in its infancy at the time) and streaming with free software, – with real time connections to México DF, Bogotá, Paris or El Viso del Alcor […]