Many meetings and workshops organised led to a process of discussion and experimentation that eventually produced the idea of the Technological Observatory of the Straits. Some of the main issues that intersect with the transformations now in process, as discussed above, are beginning to overlap and cross each other, and so common hypotheses are being raised in different collective spaces for theoretical discussion and practice. It is difficult to name and locate all the spaces and times that have shaped the steps of this nomadic path. Conferences, workshops, meetings in person or through chat, celebrations, conversations in different contexts, mobilisations, compilations of material shared on the tiki-wiki, online publications and comments, telephones. Collective paths and also individual paths that converge in Fadaiat and the Observatory, and that we can synthesise for the purposes of this text, without forgetting that the experiences go much further than the text. For us, all these moments of intersection have affective dimensions and intensities that cannot be reversed.