Gota d Agua

Ação direta de cidadania que foi parte do curso Mapeando o Comum Urbano. A ação foi realizada durante a manhã do sábado 26 de Outubro nas “Piscinas Naturais de Corais da Praia do Seixas”, que situa-se no litoral sul e fica em frente à “Falésia do Cabo Branco” e ao Farol do Cabo Branco e […]


WikiPlaza was an experimental, long-term project that brought together several collectives of architects, hackers and activists. The idea sprung up of generating a hybrid public space in which to experiment with information and communication technologies as tools for individual and communal emancipation, based on free software and hardware, web 2.0 tools and an open and […]

Technological Observatory of the Straits

Many meetings and workshops organised led to a process of discussion and experimentation that eventually produced the idea of the Technological Observatory of the Straits. Some of the main issues that intersect with the transformations now in process, as discussed above, are beginning to overlap and cross each other, and so common hypotheses are being […]

Fadaiat: freedom of movement, freedom of knowledge

The straits of gibraltar is a mirror-territory of the transformations taking place in the world today: globalisation, migrations, borders, citizenship, network-society, communication, technologies… the border is a crossed-place, an extensive territory of life and mobile confinements where multiple social practices put pressure on established limits. new spaces and relationships emerge from and through the border […]