Technological Democratisation

Universidade Escola Massana Tutors Antonio Calleja and Pablo DeSoto Course Post-Inertia Summer School When June 29th to July 17th  Local Online We live in a complex and conflictive world, and the political, economic and technological systems that have brought us here seem insufficient, if not counterproductive, to guide our societies in desirable directions. Modern representative […]

Do Sputnik ao Stack

Universidade UFPB PPGAU Créditos/carga horária 1Cr/15h Semestre 2018.2 Datas/Horario 19, 20, 21 y 22 de Novembro/8 a 12 h Local Sala Multimedia. EMENTA O curso Do Sputnik ao Stack: Arquitetura na Época da Computação a Escala Planetaria propõe um estudo crítico das relações do humano com seu espaço analógico e digital, através da história da […]

Drone Hackademy

Drone Hackademy is a temporary hacktivist school, citizen science laboratory and critical theory platform for the use and discussion of unmanned aerial vehicles as a social technology. It is a collaboration between computer engineer & artist Lot Amorós and architect & researcher Pablo De Soto. It took place in June 2015 in Rio de Janeiro with ten participants aged between 19 and 49

The participants are chosen through a public call with the objective of bringing together people of different backgrounds and knowledge fields: filmmakers, mediactivists, artists, architects, researchers, geographers, biologists, hackers, software developers, etc. We practise positive discrimination welcoming people from low income classes, limited access to technology and also those how represent activist groups. #Dronehackademy aims to create a community of learning, “situated knowledge” exchanges and action.

Situation Room

The term Situation Room is normally used to designate a secret place used in times of crisis to assess and monitor data for decision making purposes. Its origins can be traced back to World War II with the invention of computers, digitalization, and the collaboration of architects and the military. These rooms are equipped with […]

The connected multitude

The Connected Multitude was a prototype for a networked public space, produced for a network of activists, artists and technicians. Using technologies such as a bi-directional satellite connection, wifi (in its infancy at the time) and streaming with free software, – with real time connections to México DF, Bogotá, Paris or El Viso del Alcor […]